Lupe Gajardo

Lupe Gajardo is a fashion designer who started her homonymous brand on 2009 in Santiago Chile, focused in womenswear. Her eclectic, versatile, and timeless proposal is the reflection and artistic answer to many thoughts about contemporary social movements through different techniques.

During this decade we have been relevant actors in the local fashion scene with more than fourteen collections, eight national runway shows, collaboration with retailers, exhibitions in Santiago, Berlin, London and New York, being the most outstanding events our show during NY Fashion Week AW 2015, and the distinction as a “brand to follow” by WGSN platform on their first report about Latin America.

Today, after these years of experience we have decided to focus mainly on our line of “artisanal luxury”, creating exclusive pieces of high aesthetic and handmade value.

We believe in a new way of doing industry and of growing, where the qualitative, exclusivity and timelessness of our creations position them as utilitarian pieces of art that can be used around the world.

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