Polyester care


To keep your garment as good as new, always follow the instructions on the labels. Many of our designs are made up of more than one type of material, so it's always best to follow the specific instructions carefully. Still, for polyester in general, or if you lost the instructions, we leave you here the care of polyester fabrics that we follow.


Polyester fabrics are quite strong, which makes machine washable. With following a few requirements you can keep your polyester pieces in excellent shape for a long time.



Prewash Stains: In cases of stains, before washing you should pretreat stains with a suitable stain remover product (make sure the label in the product indicate its safe for polyester)



Polyester can be washed in the washing machine, but you have to keep in mind that polyester is sensitive to heat, so always use warm to cool water. 

Wash with similar colors and fabric types 



Polyester fabrics normally dry fast, you can hang your garments to air-dry 

If you are going to use a tumble dryer, set it at medium temperature


Polyester generally doesn’t wrinkle. Iron as needed at a low temperature setting, or steam when drying polyester garments.



Polyester does not wrinkle much, but if you need to iron, do so in low temperatures setting



All the knitted pieces should be stored folded to avoid stretch or shape distortion. 

All other polyester garments (woven) like pants, tops, jackets, etc, can be hung  

Make sure you store your clothes clean and dry.

If you plan to store polyester items for long periods of time, follow the abobe instructions and place them in breathable bags - NOT PLASTIC - to avoid the fabrics becoming yellowish and trapping moisture.