Silk care


To keep your garment as good as new, always follow the instructions on the labels. Many of our designs are made up of more than one type of material, so it's always best to follow the specific product instructions carefully. 

For Silk in general, we recommend dry cleaning. If you plan to wash silk pieces at home, here you will find the care guidelines we follow.



Silk can be washed if the right detergent and recommendations are followed. Before washing keep in mind that the dye in silk fabrics normally bleeds, potentially staining other pieces of clothing, so wash it alone. Bleeding during the first wash is normal, and it will not result in loss of color. 

If you are going to wash a silk piece made of more than one color, test for bleeding by dipping an area of your garment in lukewarm water. If you find dye released in the water, take your garment to the dry cleaner to avoid the dye staining other parts of your item.

Keep in mind that in some cases, smooth silk can become textured after being washed.



In cases of stains, before washing you should pretreat stains with a suitable stain remover product (make sure the label in the product states its safe for silk fabrics)




Handwashing is the best way to clean at home, while protecting silk fabrics

Wash inside out

Wash alone or with similar colors only.

Fill a sink or container with cool water and add silk/delicate laundry soap.

Immerse your garment and gently shake the water to distribute the soap and water. Keep the item submerged for up to 30 minutes allowing oils and dirt to be released.

Do not brush, twist, or stretch, it could permanently alter the item’s shape.

To rinse, run cool water through the material until the water is no longer soapy. Do not twist. Instead, press the water out of the fabric between your hands or against the container/sink.

It is normal for silk to bleed, do not worry if you notice some color in the water. Dye being released from silk is normal and your garment will not have loss of color after washing.



Wash inside out.

Place your item in a mesh washing bag to protect it while inside the washing machine.

Select delicate or silk cycle on the washing machine (make sure that the spin is low to avoid unwanted stretches or twists).

Select cold water temperature.

Use silk or delicate detergent.

Remove your silk pieces from the machine as soon as possible after the cycle is completed to reduce wrinkles.



Avoid sun exposure when drying.

The best way to dry Silk is by laying it flat to dry. 

Hang to dry in case you can’t lay flat. When hanging, make sure to position the garment properly to prevent stretching or shape distortion.



The best way to remove wrinkles is by the use of steam. 

If steam is not possible, Iron inside out with a “steam” setting and at low temperature, hovering over the garment – avoid making contact.



Always keep silk in cool, dry, and dark places. 

Silk is easily affected by light, and areas of discolouration or fade can show up if it is exposed to light for long periods.

If you plan to store silk items for long periods of time, place them in breathable bags - NOT PLASTIC - Silk is a natural fiber so it needs to breathe.

Make sure your items are completely clean before storing them. Even the dirt or natural oils from your body after a day or use can degrade the fabric if stored unchecked for long periods of time.

Silk pieces well cared for, can last a lifelong and more, justifying your investment and efforts by providing you with a luxurious feeling and style until the next generation takes over.